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Cartier Watches: Variety with Sophistication

The word Cartier sounds exotic because of the brand name enjoys for high quality, high priced jewelry and watches. The house of Louis Francois Cartier has been in existence for more than 150 years. It was started by Cartier with the purpose of making jewelry after he took over the workshop from Picard who was his master. The growth of the company in bringing out quality jewelry especially for Royalty and aristocracy was phenomenal. The quality of the products was so impressive that the Prince of Wales of the time declared Cartier as the King of jewelers and the jeweler of the king, this lead to his becoming the favored jeweler of the Royal courts in Europe. Nearly 90years ago Louis Cartier designed his master piece watch with miniature movements and Cartier watches come into the market.

More than 150years of experience have helped Cartier to distinguish himself in the art of watch design. • Development: Cartier watches in the initial stages were produced for the exclusive use of select customers who ordered their requirements with certain specifications. The first watch made by Cartier was one such, specially made for a Brazilian aviator called Alberto Santos, who wanted the watch to be air flight specific. As the first watch to come out of the Cartier watches collections, it was named after the pilot Santos. Cartier brought out the first jewel watches 2 years after he came into the watch field. It took him 5 years more to bring out Santos replica watches uk for sale in the market. • Models: The second model of Cartier watches was called the tank. The name was given to honor tank commanders of Allied forces who fought for France against the Germans in the World War I.

Cartier showed his business acumen forming a joint company with Edmond Jaeger to get the supply of watch movements. Cartier also got some patents registered in his name. A truly water resistant watch for Cartier watches was his creation made at the request of Pasha. The number of models is countless. • General: Though functioning as producer of quality products Cartier watches are now sold with good discounts. The after sales service from Cartier watch is not only fast but it is free. This is possible because the Company is sure that very little after service will be needed. Cartier replica watches uk shine as a jewel among watch maker not only in France but also all over the world, proving the dictum that quality pays.
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